Seven Treetops

Friendly rogue looking for a new tribe and magical items.


Seven Treetops, or Sev for short, was born into a tribe of nomadic Tabaxi who maintain themselves through hunting in the Wilds and trading with the city merchants. Born as the only child of predominant merchants in the tribe, Sev was expected to take up mercantile as his profession.

As a child Sev quickly found an interest in all things magical. Although, not showing affinity for magic, Sev spent most of his free time searching for magic items and trying to learn to wield magical spells. He and his three closest friends would often sneak into the shallows of the Wilds to find adventure. One such expedition into the Wilds was made in direct violation of the tribe’s custom. As punishment, he and his friends were temporarily exiled as was custom.

During his exile, an unknown plague wiped out almost his entire tribe. Upon finding out that there was no future for his tribe, Sev decided to join into the Artifex Guild to find a new tribe to belong to and also as an escape from his grief.

Seven Treetops

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